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Do you want a word or artwork prepared and cut in vinyl before your visit? What steps do you need to take?

1. We must know 2 days in advance to cut the vinyls.


2. Research exactly what you want. (Font, word, artwork, etc.)


3. If you just want a name or word in a simple font, give us a call so we can order it for you.



4. If you want something more intricate, we suggest you come into the shop. We will sit with you and research examples so we know EXACTLY what you're imagining.


5. We will let you know when your vinyls are ready, and then you'll come in to paint your masterpiece! (We will be here to help.)

Holiday Kits

Large tiles can go into a frame seen below. Change out the tiles during different seasons or during personal holidays, such as occasional and birthdays.


Small tiles such as the nativity above can be attached to magnets, this way you can put them on fridges or other metal objects.

What else can you

create, buy or have made?

These are such adorable pillowcases and potholders.

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