Studio Process

The prices vary depending upon the size of the ceramic bisque. A $4.95 piece will have a $5.00 studio fee. A $6.95 piece will have $7.00 studio fee and so forth. The studio fee includes the use of paintbrushes, glazes, instruction, firing in the kiln and the studio room.


You may want to come to a class and paint beside a teacher, or you may want to come in and paint an unfired bisque. Either way, we will help to make sure the outcome you want will happen.

Your first step is to paint your bisque. This is the time to personalize it. Make it unique and reflect your creativity! There are different ways you can play with the glaze. It takes 3 coats to get a full coverage, but sometimes doing less can create an beautiful design.

When you've finished your masterpiece, it'll be put into a kiln. The glaze is fired, and it slowly changes into the shiny ceramic we all know. Pick up your fantastic masterpiece in 7-8 days.





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