Our Fairy Village

Fairies, gnomes and all things mystical gather at Wildflower Studios.

We have many different fairy sets you can choose from.

You can either paint a set and add your own flare or

you may also opt to have our staff paint it for you.

Our staff makes the studio enchanting. The pictures below show the imagination and talent of the individuals who work here!

This fairy home was made by Stephanie. We love how the plants appear to be destroying the teacup and yet it still is filled with beauty from the nature. The monocle the caterpillar is adorning is perfect!

Natalie created this charming teapot where it appears the critters of the forest have come and made a home. Even the small things need a nice roof over head!

Becky seems to have found a pot deep in the forest. Where there's just enough light to create something this immaculate. It's sometimes in the dark, damp areas where most of the flowers and grasses grow. This pot makes it feel like you've ventured far!

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